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Custom made Showcase Factory Production Design How to consider the space environment?

Custom made Showcase Factory Production Design How to consider the space environment?

2022-03-23 15:46:45

The focal point of a jewelry showcase can attract attention. Focus selection should serve the intention of the exhibition, usually special goods, new products, important products may be favored. Highlight the key points through orientation, organization, lighting and other methods. On the other hand, it is the use of appropriate colors, charts and organization, and the use of harmonious methods to form a joint image. In the end, the primary and secondary understanding, the center is clear.

Jewelry showcases should be well thought out when making depictions

When depicting the plan in the plan jewelry display cabinet, once it has been specifically communicated with the associated personnel, it is not necessary to make changes in the later manufacturing process, and the modification will often affect the length of the project and the addition of manufacturing costs. Accounting is often a source of hatred. There can be a large distance between accounting and depiction. As a showcase depiction personnel, jewelry showcases, it is necessary to realistically bear the accounting, in the accounting of the internal force to do a good job of depiction. If the accounting is not understood, it does not mean that there is no limit. This is likely to constitute a lot of trouble. If the construction cost of the painting is excessive, the display cabinet depiction personnel shall be liable. Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to the understanding of accounting norms, manipulate expenditures, organize all projects and norms in advance, and do a good job in accounting.

Jewelry showcase manufacturing depicts thinking about the spatial environment

The cabinet depicts the number of people who also have to think about the number of people working at the booth and the number of inclusions when customers appreciate it. Because when customers come to the store to purchase goods, if they see too many people appreciating the booth, displaying the window, too congested, it will feel depressed, so that many customers will completely lose the love of purchasing goods, cosmetics display cabinets, directly turn around and leave, the same, empty booth will also show the same situation. Therefore, the booth area is the primary element. Successful jewelry showcase depiction, must be the associated elements of all the thinking into, very good and more complete grasp of the details of each commodity, so that the best side of the commodity is displayed, just so as to adjust the real for the store business to bring good results, marching into the store sales.

The key to distinguishing the success of the exhibition is to see the customer's participation and response. Therefore, the display cabinet depiction should start from the customer's point of view, and the first thing is to take the customer's intention, mood, love, concept, response and other elements. Depicting from the perspective of the policy customers, briefly causing the attention and commonality of the policy customers, and leaving a deeper image for the policy customers, it is possible to let more customers choose to consume here.

Because our aesthetics and values are constantly changing, when the jewelry display cabinet depicts and manufactures the display cabinet, the questions that must be considered must be considered, depicted from the real policy group, and the display cabinet that fits the characteristics of the policy group and the favorite cabinet is adjusted and quoted.