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Commercial space | high-tech and modern display form

Commercial space | high-tech and modern display form

2022-04-06 15:31:56
Commercial space design, whether it is commercial building design, decoration design, or environmental design, should be aimed at consumers, pay attention to the consumption needs of different consumers in various cities, and in the final analysis, it is to create a commercial environment that conforms to the lifestyle of modern people.

Emphasizing the design of leisure spaces in the commercial environment, it is very important to provide consumers with a space for resting places. Simple consumption space is no longer the place where people need it, and people are creating a comprehensive commercial space environment that integrates offices, tourism, restaurants, apartments, and shopping centers; at the same time, it is also a commercial and cultural space environment that integrates culture, amusement and local personality.

The Super Nature team has done a lot of research in the market along the way, and found that when setting up devices in the mall, remember the complex processes.

When they performed the Chuck II shoe experience exhibition for Converse Converse, they set up eight circles on the ground, corresponding to the eight screens in the center of the venue. The audience can manipulate the sponge particles on the screen through their limbs to pinch and experience the softness of the sponge.

Modern commercial space display methods are various, the display form is not directional, dynamic display is the modern display in the favored display form, it is different from the old static display, the use of activities, operation, interactive, etc., the audience can not only touch the exhibits, operate the exhibits, make specimens and models More importantly, can interact with the exhibits, let the audience more directly understand the functions and characteristics of the product, from static display to dynamic display, can mobilize the visitor's sense of active participation, so that the display activities are more colorful, Achieve good results. At present, dynamic display is widely used in large fixed display spaces, such as exhibition halls and museums.

The exhibition's digital artworks from 30 artists from 12 countries and regions were unveiled at the same time, which is also the first large-scale art exhibition with the theme of "Asia" in the field of digital art.

The use of high-tech and modern display means is more in line with the requirements of the times, mainly in the following forms:

1. Combining specimens with live fish, such as placing a variety of live fish in large ecological fish tanks in public areas, which is loved by the audience;

2, the combination of indoor display and open-air display, the placement of some exhibits in the open air display, can make them close to nature, and the distance from the audience is also shortened, this form of return to nature is novel and realistic, very suitable for the aesthetic tastes of contemporary people, such as the Sydney Light Festival in 2019;

3, the combination of motion and static, the clever use of slides, holographic photography, laser, video, film, multimedia and other modern single-image technology, virtual reality technology, so that the static exhibits have been expanded, resulting in a vivid and lively, warm atmosphere display environment, with immersive effect;

4. The combination of physical objects and electronic information, through the electronic navigation system, to find the ideal visit route, to learn more about the knowledge content displayed through the computer question answering machine, and to test the combination of viewing and participation, which is to meet the autonomy of the audience.