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Detailed classification of cosmetics display stands

Detailed classification of cosmetics display stands

2022-04-04 17:17:00
Exhibits usually play a role in setting off exhibits and setting off the atmosphere of the space in the exhibition. The shape, color, material, texture and other aspects of the exhibits must be consistent with the style of the display environment, the nature of the display and the characteristics of the exhibits, the size and characteristics of the exhibits determine the form and characteristics of the exhibits, and the exhibits should be combined with the specifications and size of the exhibits and the size of the display space to comprehensively consider and select the exhibits. You can't blindly be different in the design of the exhibits, so that the exhibits are noisy and the effect of the exhibits is affected.

The scale and size of the exhibits should be designed to meet the requirements of ergonomics, facilitate the audience to visit, and be safe without causing visual fatigue to the audience. The exhibition frame is one of the indispensable materials for booth construction, mainly including skeleton and display.

Display class

The display shelf is a scaffold for displaying exhibits, with diversified shapes, large or small volumes, and single or combined forms. Commonly used materials on the shelves are wood, metal, plastic, glass and textile materials.

Skeleton class

Skeleton category refers to the support skeleton exhibits such as hanging, supporting, fixing display panels, splicing joint booths, display cabinets, etc., and is also the support model of the partition and roof that constitutes the booth. The appearance image is a frame structure.

The skeleton exhibition frame is divided into two types: special exhibition frame and standardized exhibition frame.

Specially made exhibition stand

The special exhibition frame is usually specially designed, and the skeleton structure of the one-time dedicated exhibition space is not easy to disassemble the link part. Special exhibition shelves, a variety of artistic shapes.

Standardized display stands

Standardized exhibition frames are mostly made of high-strength lightweight aluminum-manganese alloys, steel and stainless steel profiles, frplate and other materials made of pipe fittings, plug-in parts, clamps and stainless steel, spring steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, rubber and other materials to manufacture small spare parts assembled.

Standardized display frame can also be called disassembly type exhibition frame, by a certain section shape, a certain specification, a certain length of specifications of standardized beams and columns and easy to install connectors and other prefabricated components, with the flexible characteristics of disassembly, can be installed display layout, but also can be assembled display cabinets, booths, etc., easy to disassemble, can be used many times, changeable shape, strong assembly, can be assembled in a short period of time. Most of the standard display frames are assembled by component connection, and the common connection components are plug-in type, clamp type, bracing type, hook-and-hook type, bolt type, ball connection type and lock type.

The selection of exhibits should be safe. The structure is strong and safe, the shape should be simple, and the complex stitches and floral ornaments should be avoided as much as possible. The materials and colors used on the surface of the spreader should be prevented from glare, and the luminescence and reflection should be avoided through surface treatment. Cut is so natural, so harmonious, just like the emotions of the world, from slow to urgent, and then to the ups and downs. It's hard to fathom, but it's hard to help.