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China Customized Acrylic Black 2 Tiers Wine Cabinet Bar Showcase Bottle Display Case With LOGO ManufacturerChina Customized Acrylic Black 2 Tiers Wine Cabinet Bar Showcase Bottle Display Case With LOGO ManufacturerChina Customized Acrylic Black 2 Tiers Wine Cabinet Bar Showcase Bottle Display Case With LOGO ManufacturerChina Customized Acrylic Black 2 Tiers Wine Cabinet Bar Showcase Bottle Display Case With LOGO Manufacturer

China Customized Acrylic Black 2 Tiers Wine Cabinet Bar Showcase Bottle Display Case With LOGO Manufacturer

  • Product Name:Acrylic Black 2 Tiers Wine Display Case
  • Brand Name:Detron
  • Model Number:Lu-20230209
  • Material:Acrylic
  • Size:425x155x700mm or customized Size
  • Style:Countertop display
  • OEM:Available
  • Custom design:Available
  • Color:black or as your request
  • MOQ:100pcs

This wine display unit comes with a 2-layer acrylic gluing construction, making it compact and elegant, with a screen-printed logo on the side to highlight your wine bottle and wine brand.


Adaptable, elegant, customizable, and designed with great attention to detail: perfect for displaying your best wines.

This custom designed counter acrylic wine display will create the perfect showcase for the wines on display. The black acrylic and the brand logo printed on it make this display even more beautiful and unique. This counter acrylic wine display is used for single bottle wine displays, especially for these new products, the best selling products in malls and specialty stores.


Wine merchants and retailers face a unique challenge when it comes to displaying their products. Wine bottles must be stored and displayed in a manner that not only showcases the product, but also protects it from damage. This requires a combination of durability, functionality and style, making the choice of wine display racks a crucial one for wine merchants and retailers.

For years, one wine merchant struggled with poor quality display racks that not only failed to showcase his products effectively, but also put them at risk of damage. This led to poor sales and a lack of customer interest, causing the wine merchant to feel frustrated and disheartened. That was until he discovered Detron POP Display and their range of acrylic wine display racks.Detron POP Display specializes in creating high-quality acrylic displays for a range of products, including wine. Their wine display racks are made from clear, durable acrylic, which provides a clear view of the wine bottles and protects them from damage.

The wine merchant was immediately impressed by the quality and design of the acrylic wine display racks, and decided to make the switch. The difference was immediate and dramatic. The clear acrylic material allowed customers to see the wine bottles clearly, and the customizable designs allowed the wine merchant to highlight key features and emphasize his brand.

The switch to acrylic wine display racks from Detron POP Display transformed the wine merchant's business. The improved display of his products attracted more customers and generated more sales. The wine merchant reported a significant increase in business since making the switch, with many customers commenting on the improved quality of the displays.

The wine merchant's story highlights the importance of investing in high-quality display racks for wine merchants and retailers. Poor quality displays not only fail to showcase the product effectively, but also put it at risk of damage, which can lead to decreased sales and a lack of customer interest.

Acrylic display racks from Detron POP Display offer a range of benefits over other types of display racks, including durability, versatility, and affordability. The clear acrylic material allows for a clear view of the wine bottles, while the customizable designs allow for customization to highlight key features and emphasize brand.

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