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12 Ways to Do Live Shop Dead Ends in Supermarkets!

12 Ways to Do Live Shop Dead Ends in Supermarkets!

2022-04-25 10:49:16

In every store, there will be some blind spots that customers can hardly see, such as traditional freezers, corners, etc. How to effectively avoid dead ends in space management and category management and design?

In recent years, space management and category management have attracted more and more attention from retailers, through the rational use of store space, optimization of category structure, and according to the shopping characteristics of customers in the business district, the goods according to the category, brand, quantity, display space, etc. for the best combination, in order to achieve the purpose of attracting customer flow, improving sales, and enhancing profits.

At the same time, space management and category management have other important aspects, such as reducing inventory, minimizing the number of goods in the warehouse and top warehouse, etc.

However, in every store, there will be some blind spots that customers can hardly see, such as traditional freezers, and customers' eyes are easy to concentrate on the lowest level overlooking the best eye point, but the level of line of sight is often a dead end for shopping.

Of course, there are also some areas located in various areas of the store, these dead space is often difficult for consumers to reach, consumers turn around whenever they come here, and many goods seem to be beaten into the cold once they enter these areas.

Space management and category management are a good way to solve the dead ends in the mall. However, the system's spatial management and category management is a complex and cumbersome project, which requires the mutual cooperation of information, technology, management and other aspects to achieve better results, and it requires certain manpower and cost investment to implement.

1. Reasonable design

The building where each shopping mall is located is more or less different in structure, and even the square building structure is inevitably blind. Therefore, in the design stage of the store, we should fully consider how to reduce the dead corner of the mall, which can reduce the mall in the future because of the dead corner problem and re-adjust. For the store, each adjustment is a painful experience, in addition to the complicated work, it will cause a decrease in customer flow and a decline in sales.

According to the principle of category priority, the store structure and display design are carried out, rather than determining the product category after the design is completed, which can consider the display of the product from the customer's point of view to the greatest extent.

For another example, as far as possible, the corner of the wall is designed as arc-shaped, and the shelves are also designed to make the transition between the shelves and the categories of the store more natural. There is also considerable skill in handling pillars reasonably, because columns are one of the important reasons for the formation of dead corners in the store. Bury the pillar into the shelf or carry out the column treatment, or display tailor-made goods or shelves around the column, visually diluting the space partition caused by the column.

2. Participate in design and planning

For most retail companies, the design department and the operation department are completely separated in terms of responsibilities. The design department usually starts from the structural characteristics of the building and the cost-saving characteristics of the design, which is undoubtedly correct.

The operation department considers the problem from the perspective of the customer, and the customer is the basis for the existence of the mall. Therefore, after the completion of the first draft of the design drawing, the design department should seek the opinions of the operation department, and from the perspective of operation, whether the overall moving line design and display layout can minimize the existence of dead ends. This can reduce the number of overhauls after the store opens due to unreasonable design.

3. Increase the permeability of dead angles

Customers often make impulse purchases. Therefore, increasing the visibility of customers to goods is directly helpful to improve sales, so that customers can more easily see the goods displayed in dead corners is an important task.

The method of increasing permeability can be to take the method of low front and back high or all low shelves in the selection of shelves, improve permeability, so that customers can see the deepest goods in the corner from a distance.

It is also possible to use the way of the floor pile, pile head or display net basket in front of the dead corner, this display tool is low in height, increasing the visual and spatial permeability, and this display tool is easy to move, which can leave a wide enough passage to allow customers to reach the dead end.

4. Display the required products of customers

The customers' must-choose items in each category can be displayed in dead corners, such as daily necessities such as rice flour oil, pet supplies or household cleaning products. These purposeful goods are mandatory for customers, and even if they are in remote corners, they will not affect the purchase of such goods by customers.

5. Display large items and other special goods

Display oversized items in dead spaces for added intuitiveness. Large-scale products do not require special identification or instructions to allow customers to intuitively see, such as bicycles, large household items, or home appliances such as television sets with sound and light functions to attract customers.

6. Promotional area or rental area

Promotional areas often hold promotional activities, whether it is roadshows, tastings, special promotions or customer participation activities, which can drive the popularity of dead ends.

Using a more remote location for the rental area can make full use of the tenant's resources to drive dead ends and achieve the effect of "shop-in-shop". Because tenants are relatively better at operating special goods or services, the target customers are clearer, more professional, and more focused.

7, it does not hurt to drink

The dead end is not only in the most remote place of the store, in fact, the first position of the first place to enter the market may also be the place where the dead corner exists. This location is often unable to catch the flow of people, because as soon as people arrive here, their attention will be attracted by the many goods in the store, resulting in the most popular import location and the most deserted place for sales.

"Good products must also be able to shout", for example, some store staff will hold a microphone at the door of the store to broadcast, can say it out loud in the crowd, prove that "I am the best", you can have this courage, there is no need to worry about the goods in the dead corner of the store are not selling hot, and even become the "highlight" of the store!

8. Arrange the image counter

More and more suppliers want to display their own image counters in the mall, shelves with brand logos to enhance brand exposure, and these counters and shelves are generally exquisitely made, which is very eye-catching, and replacing the original shelves in dead corners is also a good way to attract customers.

9. Forced moving line

In the design of the customer's moving line, let the customer's walking line pass through the dead corner. Or consider reducing the use of long shelves, long shelves have a visual "deep" feeling, customers are reluctant to enter, such as switching to short shelves will have better results.

10. Special arrangement

Designing special decorations, eye-catching signage, bright or colored lights in dead corners can attract customer attention. Or use landmark signs, hangtags and other guidance tools near the dead corner to guide to the dead corner.

11. Dining area or children's play area

Catering will drive a larger flow of customers, and setting up a remote location as a dining area can make full use of dead ends. The kitchen, kitchen and other processing rooms in the catering industry generally have no special requirements for location. Setting up dead spots as children's play areas, whether for a fee or for free, is beneficial to boost popularity.

12. Seating area

Set the more remote position as a rest area or book selling area, put a few stools for customers to rest, and also increase the popularity of dead ends.

In short, there are many ways to solve the dead end, and it is important to stand in the customer's point of view, so that customers can really feel that they can buy their favorite goods in any corner of the store. In this way, we can improve the customer's shopping experience and improve customer satisfaction.