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Three display skills of island cabinets in cosmetic shopping malls to make products hot

Three display skills of island cabinets in cosmetic shopping malls to make products hot

2022-03-21 15:59:44

In the cosmetics industry, experiential marketing has become a common marketing method for major brands, and focusing on the quality of experience and guiding customers is the key content. The colors of some counters are in an open format, and a dazzling array of skin care products, makeup, etc. are displayed on the showcases, so that customers can purchase their favorite products in a warm atmosphere from the moment they step into the counters.

Customers can also pick up the journals in front of the counter at will, keep abreast of the latest beauty, make-up information and cosmetics discounts, and the friendly and professional beauty consultants in uniforms will warmly and carefully introduce the care plan suitable for her skin to the customer, and answer the customer's use. Skin confusion in cosmetic process.

Experiential marketing is done well, so that every potential customer who has enjoyed the service at the counter can immediately implement the purchase, which is also the routine of experiential marketing in the cosmetics counter. It can be seen that counters play an extremely important role in experiential marketing in the cosmetics industry, so what are the basic display skills of cosmetic counter experiential marketing?

Display points:

1. Vivid display: Find the best display locations for cosmetics with different themes according to the research on customer movement lines. Through the display location, height, form and lively, eye-catching, creative and impactful sales aids, attract attention and stimulate the desire to buy ;

2. Plump display: This generally requires more types of cosmetics, fewer items, and moderate repetition of single products. This kind of display just satisfies the two psychology of consumers who pursue individuality but conform to the crowd at the same time.

3. Competitive display of price comparison: After analyzing the price band of competing products and their own products, and the price point of the wrong cleaning method of the showcase, take corresponding display to facilitate consumers to compare prices and highlight the price advantage of this product. The frequency of this kind of display occurs in makeup is significantly higher than that in skin care products.

According to the area of the cabinet area, the functional division is carried out according to the sales needs.

The size of the counter area that the shopping mall can provide is an important basis for the counter division. The common functional divisions of some international famous brands are: skin care bar area, makeup bar area, perfume bar area, gift display cabinet, new product display cabinet, back cabinet, workbench, etc. Some brands may have more than one functional area of the same type depending on their product structure and needs. For example: a brand contains three skin care bars and two makeup bars.

Display space management elements: color, light, breath, sound, temperature, atmosphere.

This is the second level of cosmetic display requirements. In shopping malls, cosmetics counters cannot independently control the temperature, almost no independent control of the sound in the counter area, and the overall atmosphere of the business space is also uncontrollable, only the local atmosphere in the counter area can be controlled. Only cosmetics specialty stores or specialty stores can control these three items, and the following discussion does not cover them.

Color: It is heavily subordinate to the VI requirements of the brand, focusing on the coherence of the counter color and the skills of color application;

Brightness: Consideration should be given to the attributes of the light source, light finishing, the brightness of different functional areas or some parts, the visibility of the object, the finishing of the structure of the counter and cabinet area, and the coordination with the overall brightness of the shopping mall;

Atmosphere: It is often composed of the above and the following elements to be described, and sometimes some simple elements are used to highlight some special atmosphere. Like the color, the atmosphere design is also heavily subordinate to the brand VI requirements, and the brand connotation is the hub to build the atmosphere of the cabinet area.

Cosmetics counter and wall cabinet (ie showcase) display:

1. Group display: refers to a certain type of cosmetics, which will be extracted into a unique shape or graphic when displayed to highlight individuality and characteristics, as well as mutual compatibility;

2. Array display: refers to a certain type of cosmetics or single product, with a fixed distance between rows and columns, displayed in a queue. In this way, the visual impact is stronger;

3. Specially designated display: On the basis of the above two types of display, different auxiliary display items and utensils are used to further highlight the brand personality, so that consumers can more easily identify and understand the brand, or highlight the recommended products. This is the third-level requirement for cosmetic display.