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A quick way to eliminate the odor of the display case

A quick way to eliminate the odor of the display case

2022-06-30 18:02:27

When we customize the display cabinet, the materials used are basically more wood materials, and the newly made display cabinets will inevitably emit odors. Vaguely can feel the display cabinet has paint smell and other odors, many people feel that the odor is very heavy, so how to remove the odor of the display cabinet? Next, Xiaoyi will explain to you the method of quickly eliminating the odor of the display cabinet!


Method 1: Ventilation

This is a natural and most commonly used method, and the effect is also efficient and simple, in the room should be as far as possible to open the window ventilation, often time ventilation can completely remove odor, ventilation to choose when the weather conditions are good. It is recommended not to ventilate at night, and not to ventilate when the temperature difference is large


Method 2: Plant purification

Green plants are not only economical, but also have the role of beautifying the display cabinet, the configuration of several pots of suitable flowers and plants is also one of the good ways to eliminate the odor of the display cabinet, cacti, ivy, hanging orchid, green lotus, etc. have a certain effect on purifying the air.