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Acrylic printing process The difference between screen printing and UV inkjet painting process!

Acrylic printing process The difference between screen printing and UV inkjet painting process!

2022-04-18 16:00:27
From the simple printing of fonts and lines at the beginning to the simple ink printing in the back, it has long been unable to meet people's growing needs. What people need is a printing method with clearer images and more obvious gradients, especially in the case of acrylic products.

So how much do you know about acrylic printing processes? Today, Xiaobian intends to tell you about the silk screen printing &UV spray painting process of acrylic.

Acrylic silk screen printing process

Silk screen printing is screen printing, under the pressure of the mesh brush, the ink passes through the screen, so that the acrylic surface is printed with the same pattern as the screen, because of its simple and fast operation has become the most common process.

The advantage of silk screen printing is that the price is cheap. If the customer does not have too high requirements for the printing of the product, the use of screen printing, is a good choice. It saves costs and achieves the results that customers want. The cost of the early stage board making fee is about 200 ~ 300 yuan, in the post-processing process, if the customer needs the logo or font of the silk screen printing, it can always be used, at this time only need to bear the cost of printing.

Silk screen printing requires plate making, ink blending (ink blending requires experience) according to pantone color number, artificial can only reach close. For some demanding customers, silk screen printing may not meet their requirements. And in addition to using colors such as "white and black", others require Pantone color numbers.

Acrylic products in the screen printing, if it is a color, you only need to make a plate; if it is more than two, you need to make two, and so on, if the customer requires more color pattern printing, the corresponding screen fee, labor costs are not cheap. Therefore, when there are many colors and gradient colors, silk screen printing has no advantage. You need to choose according to the actual situation.

After the printing is completed immediately, because the ink is not dry, it is not possible to touch any debris, including: handprints and any other items, so as not to affect the effect of ink silk printing. Wait until the ink is completely dry before proceeding to the next process!

Acrylic UV spray painting process

Acrylic flat plate UV spray painting and silk screen printing directly printed on the acrylic surface of the printing pattern is different, acrylic flat plate UV spray painting is a flat panel UV printer printed pattern, directly on the acrylic surface for spray painting, only need to transfer the customer's files to the flat panel UV printer, you can directly carry out the spray painting operation, compared with silk screen printing, the flat UV does not need to out of the film version, the process is simple

The color is different from acrylic silk screen printing, acrylic silk screen printing can only be one color at a time, and multiple color patterns need to be overprinted, so it is only suitable for solid color printing, and cannot do the gradient effect. UV printing can print out vivid, vivid patterns, gradient colors are of course not a problem. UV flat print can print out the bumpy feeling, the hand touch has a sense of layering, more visual effect. It can meet the high quality requirements of customers for printing, and can also make the products look more high-end and textured.

The difference in adhesion, acrylic screen printing ink added with a curing agent, can make the ink better adsorbed on the acrylic surface, as long as the use of sharp things scratching, normal use will not appear pattern shedding phenomenon. Acrylic should spray the coating on the printing surface before UV printing, because the surface of acrylic is relatively smooth, and it is easy to scratch off the UV printed image directly on it, and after spraying the coating, the UV pigment can be better attached to the top and it is not easy to scrape off.

The UV ink used in acrylic flat panel UV inkjet painting, whether it is adhesion or outdoor resistance, is better than the ink used for screen printing, and can print out the relief effect, which can be used outdoors for a long time without fading and anti-ultraviolet rays. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Adapting to the diversity of the environment, flat plate UV inkjet painting is a machine operation, which can spray multiple products at once to improve timeliness