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Detron Display will take you to understand the layout between the display stands and stores

Detron Display will take you to understand the layout between the display stands and stores

Samson Detron Display 2022-08-24 12:07:21

When preparing to open a brand chain store, the primary issue is the location, and then the store decoration. The main part of the store decoration is the display arrangement of the display stands.How to match to attract customers, so as to give customers more experience. The next step Detron display  will take you to understand the layout between the display stands and the store problem.


I. Comfortable color scheme to be coordinated.

We know that the overall sense of a store can give customers an orderly and complete shopping experience. This overall sense is based on the material, tone, size, shape and other unilateral effect of display stands, but also based on the fit and harmony of display stands and goods. It is best to consider the display stand and store the whole space with. Shopping center display stands should be laid out in size, height, staggered. If a side of the mall display cabinets both less and small can be used with the help of bonsai. Small ornaments and wall decorations to achieve a balanced effect.

II. Space flexibility to be coordinated.

In addition to the display area and work area, a store is almost always a customer pedestrian flow area, the setting of the pedestrian flow area can be complex or simple. The general pedestrian flow area should consider the relationship between commodity experience and pedestrian flow habits, consider the pedestrian flow area in all directions, consciously direct customers to the main consumption recommendation area, consider the flexibility of the channel pedestrian flow and other factors. Simply put, the pedestrian flow must make it convenient and comfortable for the customer to buy what he/she wants to buy, or even to buy what he/she wants him/her to buy. In this way, the channel flexibility built between display stands is preferably stronger, no matter what kind of display stands, 90 degrees vertical, 45 degrees, free flow, etc. Flexible changes should be considered in terms of product content, which means that display stands are generally better in a combination style. Of course, for some small stores and supermarkets, you can also consider fixed layout.


Third, the overall placement to coordinate.

When ordering shopping mall display stands, in addition to consider the mall display stands and decoration effect with, but also consider the placement of the mall display stands. Generally speaking, the independent room is divided into three areas: quiet area away from the window, the light is weak, less noise, suitable for placing the cashier's desk and sideboard; bright area near the window, bright light, suitable for the hot sales products, preferably promotional table and booth; action area is the aisle of the entrance room. In addition to the walking activities, stacking and promotional tables can be placed in this area.

In the overall shape of the mall display stands, the main features and processes of each mall display stand are required to be consistent. For example, a set of mall display stands, can not be some is a square column, some is round, otherwise it will look very incongruous. At the same time, each mall display stand detail finishing requirements are also consistent. In terms of paint color, a set of mall display stands paint color also need to be consistent. In the material workmanship, emphasize its consistency. The layout and design of display stands are generally related to the industry and the consumption habits of product consumers, which can be innovative, but not overly beyond the consumer experience.