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Detron briefly analyzes several common styles in the design and production of display cabinets for you

Detron briefly analyzes several common styles in the design and production of display cabinets for you

2022-07-07 17:59:00

At present, in the display design, the style is diverse and the pattern is complicated. Different styles have different application scenarios, but also bring customers different feelings, the following Jiayi for you to briefly analyze the general design style in the display design of the mall, and how these styles have their own personalized embodiment, understand these, for the exhibition hall, display cabinet design and production will have the role of touch bypass.

Urban Style:

Can focus on showing independent personality. In recent years, the design and production of display cabinets in commercial shopping malls have developed greatly, and many young designers have appeared, which has injected impetus into the production of this style. These young people revolutionized the new design concept into commercial decoration. Limited by financial resources, people began to emphasize the perception of urban style through various forms, of which the heavy use of bright colors is a typical example. People will use a wide variety of colors in the design and production of storefront shopping mall display cabinets, sometimes even in the same space, using three or more colors.

Classical style:

Show off the personality of a luxurious classic. In the era of the rise of shopping mall display cabinet design and production, most of the shopping mall display cabinet design and production pursue a more luxurious and classic style. Especially in the 1990s, the design and production of display cabinets in brand malls was often a special form of brand display. Designers will require that a variety of symbolic luxury designs be embedded in the design and production of shopping mall display cabinets, such as stained glass ceilings, the use of classical style elements, classical style decorative panels, decorative wooden corners, etc., and basically similar to the Baroque style combined with the domestic presence of materials as the main way of decoration.

Light style:

Show boldness and generosity. Around 2000, the design ideas of the design and production of commercial shopping mall display cabinets have been greatly developed, and people have begun to pursue a variety of design styles and design methods, of which a series of more complete design systems such as modernism and postmodernism are formed in commercial decoration design. When people talk about the design and production of shopping mall display cabinets, these "isms" frequently appear on their lips. The style basically featured cherry wood and monochromatic face blocks as the main woodworking finishes.

Chinese style:

Show a fresh and elegant personality. With the emergence of many modernists, there has been a retro wind in China, that is, the revival of Chinese commercial decoration style. Chinese painting, calligraphy and painting, and Ming and Qing dynasty furniture constitute the most important elements of Chinese design. However, these retro furniture exhibits are expensive and have become a relatively high-end commercial space display form in the design and production of display cabinets in modern commercial shopping malls.

Plain style:

Show your free-wheeled personality. Originated in the 1990s, in some areas due to the limitations of technology and materials, there was no real sense of designer to guide the design, so doing whatever you want was the biggest portrayal of that time. Brand displays began to pursue a neat and bright store interior effect. To this day, this style is still the first choice for the design and production of display cases in most commercial brand storefront malls.

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