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Visual Communication Design | Pop-up Store Display Design (1)

Visual Communication Design | Pop-up Store Display Design (1)

2022-03-28 21:41:21


Lancôme, born in France in 1935, is a world-renowned high-end cosmetic brand. We have created a pop-up store design that is combined with artificial intelligence and meets the preferences of young consumers. The pop-up store design adopts a cubic structure, the whole is blue and white, the counter is equipped with a robotic arm to reflect the artificial intelligence side, the eye cream decoration at the door highlights the brand and products, and integrates technological elements into any part of the pop-up store design. It aims to launch new products of the brand, keep up with the trend of technological development of the times, bring a new immersive experience of skin care to customers, express the brand's advancement with the times, spread the brand culture, and shape the pioneer image of the brand.

China Life

Due to the rapid aging of the population, the lack of centralized pension conditions, the limited pension places, and the unwillingness of children and themselves to leave the familiar environment. It is essential to carry out community aged care. It not only saves money and worry, but also conforms to national conditions. Therefore, our group made a handicraft of a senior care experience hall, mainly to promote the senior care community under the name of China Life, which is mainly divided into three areas: the photo area, where you can experience the beauty of different age groups. VR zone, record the beauty of sound. Wellness area, experience the way of wellness. The props with cartoon elements are used to make the whole experience hall look warmer. The color is turquoise. One is harmonious with the logo of China Life, and the other is related to our health care, old age and other subjects.


We conducted a big data survey on physical and mental health and artificial intelligence, and found that people are paying more and more attention to physical and mental health, so we chose to make a pop-up store for Nintendo. We adopted the design of a fitness ring and there are two game experience areas inside. , aims to let customers feel immersive and make fitness more interesting through games.

Solo record

The leakage of personal privacy is very serious in the era of big data. In the future, people will pay more attention to their personal privacy issues. But at the same time, people are willing to share some of their private data to share with friends, or for some convenience. Different people have different levels of acceptance of sharing private data. We want to create a pop-up store where you can control your privacy. Information on the Internet can never be guaranteed to be safe, and the carrier used by pop-up stores to transmit/store information must be completely separated from the network, such as CD/U disk. We chose CD. CDs can store sound, text, and images. It is easier to store, destroy, and commemorate. We have chosen a record label that can make CD solos. In the pop-up store, our main area is the DIY area. We will prepare blank CDs and recorders, and consumers can choose their own voice, text, and image information to record.