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What are the main functions of display cabinets

Samson Detron 2022-11-15 15:35:27

Display cabinets are mainly used in shopping centres, supermarkets and other shops to display products and store them, with an artistic appearance and with an advertising effect. Display cabinets are a kind of display prop, a platform to promote different products in all walks of life in the commercial field, and are the main carrier of products. Display cabinets are beautiful in appearance, solid in structure, free to assemble, quick to disassemble and easy to transport. And good display cabinet design style beautiful, noble and elegant, good decorative effect, good display cabinet make products play extraordinary charm. In order to achieve better sales purposes, I take you to understand the three main functions of the display cabinet.

A, to promote the product multi-faceted display function

Generally speaking, our products are divided into many different types of shapes. We also distinguish some products with high and low prices, relatively high prices of products, we need to carefully design display cabinets, the use of display cabinets multi-faceted display function, put more ideas to design display cabinets, so that customers are more convenient to understand the product, leaving a good impression for customers, but also for enterprises to quickly accumulate customers, customers place orders to provide a strong help.

Second, strengthen the leisure and comfortable atmosphere function of the mall

Customers like to have a sense of leisure and relaxation when they spend money. Due to the acceleration of modern life, the stresses and burdens of life can be very frustrating. At this time, many customers use this opportunity to take a walk in the shopping centre. When they go to the shopping centre they see bags, which are indispensable for ladies to match. The impression of bags is beautiful, generous, noble, elegant and natural. The atmosphere is enhanced by beautiful and aesthetically pleasing showcases that naturally and strongly attract customers to view the products. When work, life pressure can not get rid of, many ladies friends will come to the casual and comfortable atmosphere shopping centre, their body and mind feel very relaxed and happy. A relaxed and comfortable shopping centre atmosphere will greatly increase the turnover of the shop.

III. Building branding features

When we walk into a shopping centre, we see signs in the top left corner of display cases in all sectors, very brightly lit, depending on the lighting design of the display case, in order to show it to the customer. If a customer comes in to buy an item, they will look at the brand in the top left corner of the display case and then look at the product. If the customer sees something they like, they will buy it straight away and find it to be of good quality and practical and reasonably priced. At this point, the brand will be impressed in our minds. The next time we need something, we can't help but come back and buy it, and we will do free product promotion for our relatives and friends. And of course, over time, the brand of the product will be established in the eyes of the customer.

The display function of the showcase is one of the important functions to attract customers' attention, mainly to attract customers' attention to watch the product with a high probability, and then to improve the attractiveness and value of the product through the beautification effect of the display function of the showcase, which indirectly improves the impression and sales of the product.