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What you need to know about the light box of customized cloth display

What you need to know about the light box of customized cloth display

Samson Detron Display 2022-10-19 14:53:37

Regarding the production of light boxes for display cabinets, because different brands and shop environments are equipped with different light boxes. The display effect and visual impact of a light box is more in the picture than in the internal structure. However, as one of the display equipment and promotional media for clothing shops, what are the key points that need to be understood in the production of light boxes? Detron Display will talk about the knowledge of clothing display cabinet light box.

A, light box mainly has two functions

One is as a signboard display, display company image, the other is to promote products. One is the column light box, mainly to convey product information. One is the back cabinet light box. Back cabinet light boxes are generally more than five, half conveying brand image and half conveying product information. There are a variety of surface materials for light boxes, such as picture, aluminium composite panel, acrylic, silk screen and led light covers.

Second, the production style of the light box screen

As we all know, the light box display screen of the clothing display cabinet is relatively large, especially as part of the public view, sometimes as a corner display or image of the decoration and exhibition, its role is not just the light box. At this point, it has become an independent scenery line, shining all around. The internal structure of the lightbox is relatively less rigid and easier to customise, so the lightbox picture is particularly important. When choosing or making a lightbox picture, there are also some key points to note. Firstly, you have to determine the theme, the object of publicity and the style of publicity to be chosen and produced; secondly, you have to make your own lightbox, in short, you have to make the object of the picture that matches your brand; the style of production of the lightbox picture has to keep up with the times.

Three, the choice of light box materials

In terms of column light box and back cabinet light box, we usually have to pay attention to some details, clothing display cabinet column light box picture is generally larger, so choose high brightness, long life brand T8 bracket light; back cabinet light box can use T5 bracket light; because the heat dissipation is also very large, so pay attention to stay heat dissipation hole. In terms of replacement, assembly and transportation, the design and production of the light box should also pay special attention to make sure that the light box display pictures of the clothing display cabinets need to be easily replaced. Once a new product is launched, or the mall needs to do activities within a certain period, it is generally necessary to replace the promotional pictures; therefore, we should carefully design the method of fixing the pictures to make them easier to replace. Back cabinet light box is generally small, can consider plug-in light box or concealed slot structure; column light box is larger, can consider frame structure or open door structure. The frame material can use iron baking paint process or wood baking paint process.

In the process of making a light box, we need to pay attention to some details. For example, the product images of the light box must be very clear, so that the characteristics of the product can be reflected to the full, so as to arouse customers' desire to buy; when we go to a restaurant to eat, we must first look at the pictures in the menu. Only those with clear images and clear food will be favoured by consumers.