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Window display and store display of clothing store display

Window display and store display of clothing store display

2022-03-15 18:23:06

Store display is generally divided into window display and store display.

window display:

The window display is the condensed body of the entire store display, and it is the main window of the corporate image, so it is necessary to consider the unity of color system, style and theme.

The window display is generally the best-selling model in the current season. The main color should be bright and bright. The window display can also add a series of props according to the season, themes and other elements. But it must echo the displayed goods. Medium-sized or cool-colored props give people a fresh and lively feeling. For example, green. props.

When conditions permit, the models in the window can appropriately wear some accessories such as bags, shoes, wigs, etc. to make them more humanized and visualized.

The sampled products should correspond to the model's body shape. The male model's top should be L (50) and the lower body should be 175 (three feet two). Generally, the template should not wear suspenders, vests and other clothing.

Store display:

The quality of the store display directly affects the sales work of the store. The store display can generally be divided into four display methods: color display, style display, fabric display and price display. But no matter which display method is used, it is based on color display. .

Color display:

The principle of color display is generally based on a shelf with one center color and two basic colors, such as beige + coffee + camel, among which beige is the center color, coffee and camel are used to set off beige. But it should be noted: the two basic colors are similar. color.

Color display is generally divided into gradient type, jump type and rainbow type.

Gradient type: The product combination of different shades of the same color is displayed with a sense of hierarchy. For example, from light to dark, from dark to light, such as: white → beige → brown.

Jumping type: suitable for serialization of products. Brands with strong combination. Can use the product's deep→shallow→dark→shallow interval display.

Rainbow style: It is suitable for young brands with more colors, lively styles, and the goods can be displayed in accordance with the color combination of the rainbow.

Color matching skills:

Similar colors: that is, the comparison between two colors, such as beige and white, red and orange, etc. (softer).

Contrasting color: that is, there is a strong contrast between the two colors. This display method will have a greater visual impact, such as white + black, red + green, etc.

The same color: that is, the two colors belong to the same kind of color, but the shade and light are different, such as red and deep red.

Strong color matching: that is, the matching of two colors that are far apart, such as yellow and purple.

Color Balance:

1: Balance is usually expressed by a reasonable combination of color blocks, shapes and quantities composed of products.

2: Cool colors: The combination of large color blocks is suitable for the bottom of the shelf.

3: The arrangement of hues should be from cold to warm from bottom to top, and the color blocks from large to small.

4: The base of larger dark or dark blocks is usually formed in the same display surface in a large-volume display, giving people a stable feeling.

The usual way:

1: Symmetrical balance: ABAB

2: Asymmetric balance: ABCB

Style display:

Clothing of the same taste is displayed in a group, such as leisure group, business group, sports group, etc.

Fabric display

That is, the same composition of clothing is a group, such as cotton as a group, leather as a group and so on.

Price display

The same price is a group, but it should be noted: the price of the display position at point A should not be too high, and the medium price should be the main.

Display skills:

1. Contrastive display.

It refers to the use of contrasting design in the color, texture and style of clothing products, or in the use of design composition, lighting, decoration, props, showcases, and booths to form a contrast between the displayed objects, so as to achieve clear primary and secondary, mutual Set off the display effect, so as to achieve the purpose of highlighting the main products such as new products, unique products, promotional products or patented products. The characteristics are: strong contrast, prominent center, and obvious visual effect, which greatly enhances the expressiveness and appeal of the displayed products.

2. Repeat the display.

Refers to the same commodity, decoration, POP and other display subjects or logos, advertisements, etc., appearing repeatedly in a certain range or on different display surfaces, through repeated emphasis and suggestive means, to enhance customers' visual experience of clothing products or brands . The characteristics are: make customers receive repeated visual shocks, so that they can be strengthened many times in feeling and impression, and have the hinting effect of "this product is the only choice", which can make customers leave a very deep impression.

3. Object display.

Its meaning is: by highlighting the functions and characteristics of the product, or by using advertisements, props and mobile landscaping, it emphasizes the target customers of the product, so that the display and publicity have clear goals, and can strengthen the communication with customers. Improve the affinity with customers and achieve the effect of attracting customers' interest and goodwill. The characteristics are: clear goals, prominent themes, strong symbols, and concentrated influence, so that customers have a sense of belonging and intimacy.

4. Hierarchical display.

It is to place different commodities of the same selling point, different products of the same brand and different consumption needs, according to a certain classification method, and place them in layers in order, so that customers can quickly determine their purchasing goals and make selections and purchases conveniently and quickly. For example, it can be divided into: fashion products, best-selling products and long-selling products; high-end products, mid-range products and low-end products; series products, complete sets of products and single-piece products; main products, supporting products and clothing accessories, etc. The characteristics are: clear classification, clear primary and secondary, prominent logo, which can attract different types of customers, facilitate customers to compare and choose, and easily create a warm atmosphere.

5. Scene display.

It refers to the use of commodities, accessories, backgrounds and lights to form scenes of different seasons, different living spaces, different natural environments and different artistic moods, giving people a strong sense of life. Pay attention to the embodiment of reality and the creation of mood and atmosphere, and emphasize artistry and innovation, so that people can not only get inspiration and aesthetic enjoyment, but also feel immersive. At the same time, vividly and vividly explain the use and characteristics of clothing products, so as to play a guiding role for customers.

6. Joint display.

It is to display related clothing products together, such as suits and shirts, ties, belts and other related clothing products, which can be displayed as a complete set of products. This allows for effective comparison and selection, resulting in the idea of ​​a set purchase. However, it should be noted that the style, color, style, quality and price must be coordinated and orderly, which can be easily combined and matched, and the priority of the product should be reflected in the location and method, taking into account the integrity and coordination. Sex and hierarchy.

7. Advertising display.

It refers to the use of print advertisements, various types of POP, live video advertisements and voice advertisements to emphasize the display method of advertising effects. Advertising display is generally more suitable for brand clothing, promotional products and products that are promoted by designers or image ambassadors. This method mainly has the effect of advertising, its purpose is to attract customers' attention to the clothing brand or product characteristics, deepen customers' understanding of the brand, and make customers have a very deep impression. The characteristics are: vivid image, with visual impact and strong publicity and promotion effect, which is conducive to forming brand associations and strengthening brand recognition.

Display details:

Hanging Clothes

Front Hanging:

1) Use the style of clothing to attract the attention of customers.

2) Generally 3-5 pieces and 4 pieces are appropriate.

3) Size before and after: Men's: L---S---M---XL

4) Match the tops and bottoms of the same series.

Side mount:

1) Attract customers with color shade changes and style levels.

2) Products of the same series of styles are displayed together.

3) The color is from light to dark from front to back.

4) Sizes are from front to back and from large to small.

5) Relative to the last piece of clothing to face the customer.

6) The distance between the goods should be 3-6 cm.

7) The thickness and length of fabrics and styles are generally from front to back, from thin to thick and from long to short, but sometimes "plum blossoms" are often used to create different visual enjoyment and multi-angle display of goods.

Attention to detail:

a) All goods for display (except small accessories) should be unpacked and kept clean and tidy

b) The small accessories on display should show the front of the pattern printed with the English LOGO to the customer

c) The quantity is abundant and the specifications are complete

d) The goods for hanging samples should be ironed flat, and the samples should be neat and generous.

e) Clothing tags should be hidden, not exposed

f) The base number of stacking should be consistent, avoid unevenness

g) The stack on the table should be aligned with the edge of the disk

h) The orientation of the hangers should be the same

i) For props with wheels, pay attention to the direction of the wheels

j) The clothing should be neatly folded, from small to large from top to bottom, and ensure complete specifications

k) All seasonal items in the store should be displayed in the yard in an appropriate way

l) The last piece hanging on the side should be hung upside down so that it faces the customer

m) Always keep the freight yard clean and free from stains on props, mirrors, glass, etc.

n) Promotional materials are used accurately and in a neat and tidy manner