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70th Anniversary of People’s Republic of China

  • Author:Vincent He
  • Source:Detron
  • Release on :2019-09-30

A country of 70 years old is not old. But our country,People’s Republic of China is a mature country and it is the country all people around the world need to respect. We are honor we are the people in this country.

Congratulations our lovely country!!!!!!

In this 70 years, we grow up to become a global manufacturer from a war. When we look back, every body need to respect the improvements we made. Everyone have to respect the effort the whole country made.

For human being, 70 years is old, but for a country, 70 years just the beginning to become a giant. All Chinese people looking forward to it. Even people around the world should looking forward to it. Since we will play one of the most important role in the world.

The congratulations parties will be held within the whole country. We Detron Display will start our National Day Holiday from 1st October. We will come back to office on 4th.

Happy holidays to all our colleagues. Best wishes to our loyal clients.

During holiday, we may not reply your inquiries so frequently as usual. But we can handle your inquiries after holiday ASAP.