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Treat every produce seriously

  • Author:Haru Wu
  • Source:Detron
  • Release on :2019-04-08

Almost every product has to go through cut-bend-shape-polish-painting-packing. Sometimes specific goods will have a special processing. There will take much time, but it must be necessary.

Every step will handled by specialists. Usually, we will make a sample first before quantity production for the customer to confirm, after confirmed for subsequent production. Working with us, you will know all our production conditions, including the details of materials.

Take every step seriously before shipment. Many people think that production is the most important thing after receiving an order, actually every step after production are much important.

Many after-sales problems arise because shipper do not take seriously to packaging. Package is one of the most important parts in our service. How to reduce reasonable loss during transit is an important problem we have to face.

Our goal is to be as lossless as possible. So we will have collision and moisture proof test before shipment. We should make sure that production safely delivered to customer.

Certainly, your feedback on the products is the most important for us. We will improve our products and services according to your feedback.

We promise we will be treat best service with all order.