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Detron's understanding of visual space in shopping malls

Detron's understanding of visual space in shopping malls

Samson Detron Display 2022-08-26 16:08:29

Mall display case design and production is the main performance of the key carriers of goods in the mall, are composed of the mall indoor space visual key structure.

Different goods have different ways and role of display cabinet props. The good or bad mall display case design and production, will immediately affect the market sales of goods and the company's brand image.

In recent years, the mall display case road has a great development trend and development, which is the key to facilitate the market demand more tend to improve, the company pay more attention to the results of creating brand image. But a look at the department store mall or shopping plaza mall display design and production, are a lot of distance with the international level . The key reason is the lack of overall planning and design of department store mall display design and clearly put forward the systematic specification.

Therefore, in the mall decoration design overall planning and display design on the imitation of more ingredients, and design enterprises to the operation of the mall, management methods, marketing and promotion of the essence of the requirements, but also the lack of system software technology professional understanding and scientific research. Thus, resulting in a lot of shopping malls visual interior space of a single, shopping mall display case design and production lack of application, expressiveness, reasonableness, safety factor and personalized multifunctional provisions.

Therefore, Detron Display based on 16 years of retail industry, shopping mall display design and production of work experience and scientific research, clearly put forward the mall display design, production key points.

   A, must carry out design communication and overall planning whether the operator, or decorative design and design enterprises, in the design of display cabinets, storage shelves must carry out sufficient communication and exchange of separate requirements definition and overall objectives. Adequate communication is a necessary prerequisite for the design of display cabinets, are essential, there is no adequate communication to reach agreement, the originality of the display cabinet design, application, safety factor, richness, will cause regret.

1, each other must be very established and determine the intention and unique requirements of the display case design, to create a consensus on the design concept.

2, design enterprise sufficient understanding of the store or a well-known brand characteristics of the letter: namely, the company culture: VI, CI, VIS; overall target consumer personal behavior, psychological state, preferences, positions and other consumer market motivation factors; price of goods, design style, appearance, color, role, etc., for the display case design conception to produce art creative design basic

3, the local detailed survey and to the contractor research, master the exhibition cabinet in the mall indoor space and building structure, equipment (sky, floor, wall, column, lighting fixtures, natural ventilation, security channel, indoor stairs, etc.) hardware configuration characteristics. This is the rational use of floor plans and indoor space for the design of display cabinets to carry out the display of goods, attract consumers and show the brand image, showing the basic design.


4, and the operator mutual scientific research to design the showcase of the nearby left and right display cabinet design characteristics and brand image characteristics, reference, compared to the design thinking and artistic creativity, is not harmonious (theme style color, lamp light intensity and led color temperature), if come with visual impact, clearly put forward with the linkage of the showcase docking sex plan program.

5, To discuss with the property management services and safety work unit , grasp the electricity consumption, fire safety, security, environmental protection, and its and other shopping mall special actual provisions, which is in line with the display case design, making quality provisions and engineering acceptance work.


Because the display case is to show the key carrier of goods, like home furniture, not only to try to carry as much as possible to put the clothes, place the application of things and artifacts, but also to have infectious and personalized, mainly to show a home culture and art level and design style, in addition to the main performance of a home economic development overall strength, and the mall display case design and production are so.

Whether it is a department store mall, or shopping plaza, distribution store of the future market competition development trend, all towards the respective overall target product positioning, to their overall target consumer groups to create a warm, with the inspirational buy things, games and entertainment, leisure and entertainment indoor space. Thus, the mall display case design and production but also to design furniture like fine carving, master the role of display case design, the design elements and design concepts,, artistic creativity into the mix.