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How to design the lighting to make the products in the (display stands) look 120% dazzling?

How to design the lighting to make the products in the (display stands) look 120% dazzling?

Samson Detron Display 2022-08-31 15:33:35
Entering inside the shopping mall, we will be attracted by the luxurious decoration and gorgeous lighting, let us linger. A good store can not be without a good display stand. Reasonable lighting can improve the overall grade of the mall display stands, greatly increasing the customer's desire to buy. Display stand display products in the light looks very dazzling, to attract the attention of customers. How to set the lighting to make the products in the display stands look dazzling? Let's take a look at it.
I. Artistic principles.
Lighting design should be arranged according to the need for lighting area, and appropriate adjustment of the required illumination degree. The lighting design of the shopping mall display case should adopt the lighting design method of no lighting. The arrangement of lighting fixtures should be concealed and not directly exposed. The use of lighting products brightness should not be too strong or too large, so as not to glare affect customer selection and display of products. Make full use of the lighting design to highlight the space and lighting level of the display case, as well as the three-dimensional sense of the exhibits. Through the lighting design to convey the texture and three-dimensional sense of the product, highlighting the texture and color art performance of exhibits.

Second, the principle of aesthetics.

The lighting design of the mall display case has the function of setting the atmosphere and decorating the space. Lighting design should be as far as possible to meet the needs of the display of goods, but also should meet the needs of the display case decoration.

Third, the principle of security.

Mall display case lighting, adhere to the principle of safety. In the selection of electrical equipment and electrical materials, to carefully choose quality assurance, good reputation manufacturers or brands, at the same time to fully consider whether environmental conditions will damage the goods; enhanced protection design and security measures to avoid accidents.

Fourth, the principle of practicality.

The practicality of the mall display case is fundamental, is the main starting point and basic conditions of lighting design. Lighting system construction, installation, operation and maintenance is convenient and simple, there is a certain space for the future development and change of lighting. Must ensure that the display case lighting design and lighting work can be carried out smoothly, and according to the personalized display needs of different goods for the corresponding lighting deployment, to provide customers with a lively and comfortable display space.

Fifth, the economic principle.

Economic principles have two main requirements: on the one hand, energy saving, lighting design from the practical point of view, choose long life, high energy efficiency, low loss of LED lighting; the other is energy saving, lighting systems and lighting fixtures to meet the need for energy saving.