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How to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the (display case)

How to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the (display case)

Samson Detron Display 2022-09-28 17:17:59

Many people feel that after the production of display cabinets, the overall counter placed there is not a three-dimensional sense of it? On the surface of this statement is also agreed, but the actual showcase three-dimensional sense is not only the actual external form of the items, but by the proportion of the choice of light, the composition of a certain difference between different directions of irradiation to form a three-dimensional atmosphere and shock feeling, just like the difference between 3D movies and 4D movies, people who have seen it will understand the gap. So, how to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the display case?

First of all, I would like to talk to you about the common lights that need to be used in the design and production of display cabinets, here we will not talk about the color of the light source, mainly about the light source irradiation direction. At present, we usually say that the light irradiation has 5 directions, they are in turn is the top light, side light, surface light, backlight and bottom light.

Top light is generally the formation of up and down direction of three-dimensional light, light object projection is small, light and dark contrast.

Side light is the formation of the left and right yin and yang light, light from the left and right and left, right, left, right and bottom to the irradiation. Light object projection is clear, three-dimensional, rich in layers, is the most acceptable way of lighting.

Face light is a basic illumination of the oblique front 45 ° of light, the projection is bland, the light object color appears completely, but poor three-dimensional feeling;.

The role of backlighting is to make the goods and the background from the light, from the positive rear lighting, lighting the outer contours of the object is clear, with artistic charm of the silhouette effect, very enhanced exhibits and space range of artistic effects.

Bottom light is the formation of the inverse effect as a subsidy of the light, bottom-up lighting, it is appropriate for auxiliary light distribution. Gold, pearls and other jewelry completely rely on the reflection of light, pay attention to the direction of light incidence, so that the reflection of the "flash" to stimulate the eyes of customers; jade, crystal and other jewelry pay attention to the texture of light transmission, we must pay attention to light transmission.

So you want to enhance the three-dimensional sense of display cabinets, through the choice of light and reasonable comprehensive use of them is the key. Specifically in accordance with the layout of exhibits and space, which is particularly important to the application of backlighting, foreign light color design always has backlighting, space and three-dimensional sense mainly by backlighting the formation, such as backlighting 100%, side light 50%, surface light 20% of the irradiation formed a three-dimensional sculpture sense. However, this is also tightly a reference basis. We still have to be based on specific areas, specific space, specific environment to be equipped with a specific effect of irradiation light to achieve the purpose of enhancing the three-dimensional sense of display cabinets.