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How to keep the display cabinet from discoloring for a long time

How to keep the display cabinet from discoloring for a long time

2022-06-23 16:49:35

The image of the showcase is a key factor in determining the quality of the business. To make the business prosper for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the display cabinet. The display cabinet is the advertising props of the store. If the product is to sell well, it depends on the advertising effect. The display cabinet with a good image is the best witness of the advertising effect. Nevertheless, once used improperly or maintained poorly, the surface of the display cabinet will change color, which is a great harm to the display cabinet itself. In order to keep the surface of the display cabinet from discoloring for a long time, it is necessary to avoid misuse or wrong maintenance. Next, Detron will take you to understand how the showcase does not change color for a long time.

First, the selection of high-quality paint is a key step: there are various paints on the market, but the quality and effect are different. Of course, in order to keep the surface paint of the display cabinet from discoloring for a long time, high-quality paint is an important key factor. Technical experience is also important when adding paint to display case surfaces. Technology + high-quality coatings are the basis for long-term maintenance of display cabinet surface coatings without discoloration


2. The environment of the display cabinet is related: Generally speaking, the display cabinet is placed in public places such as shopping malls, specialty stores, shopping plazas, large department stores and so on. The mall will have air conditioners installed and turned on at every corner. If the position of the display cabinet happens to be the outlet of the air conditioner, the cold air of the air conditioner will be blown directly on the surface of the display cabinet. In this way, the coating is invaded by cold air for a long time, and it is easy to change color. Therefore, we must pay attention to the environment where the showcase is located, and choosing a good environmental space location is also an important factor to keep the surface coating of the showcase from discoloring for a long time.

3. Avoid exposure to the scorching sun: For special reasons that it is convenient to do business or the products need to be promoted, the display cabinets go directly from indoor to outdoor, in order to facilitate close contact with customers, do not hesitate to expose to the scorching sun for a long time. The approach is completely wrong, don't sacrifice the image of the showcase for good business. Try to avoid direct exposure to sunlight, be sure to pay attention.

Paint is an indispensable material for display cabinets. The design of the showcase is very innovative and creative. If you don't choose a good paint, you will be dead and unable to bring any benefits to businessmen in the commercial field and create more business opportunities. If the display cabinets are painted with different colors of paint, the display cabinets seem to be particularly shiny and vivid, and the paint and lighting effects in the shopping center are dazzling, which is particularly attractive to customers. desire.

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