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Important Concepts For Building Custom Display

  • Author:Vincent He
  • Source:Detron
  • Release on :2020-01-03

In Store Display is not a common shelving. One of the main function of the in-store display is displaying products and promote company image. The most important is display cabinet can increase the buying desire of consumers. The important concepts you need to consider when you building a custom display as below:

1.Window Decoration Display

Window decoration display let consumers review the products and to make the decision if the products they need

2.The Width Of The Window of the Store

The width of the window can not be less than 4 metre.If it is less than 4 metre , it will decrease the level of eye catching

3.Store Location

Had better choose the location which has some stores which selling relative products

4.Store Type

Community store---use common shelving for the common life products

Commercial store---use luxury displaying for luxury products

High volume consumers need outstanding looking