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Sanitary & Anti-Epidemic Products

  • Author:Vincent He
  • Source:Detron
  • Release on :2020-03-14

2019-nCoV spreads all over the world. Sanitary & anti-epidemic products now as a necessary products for everyone around the world. Though we are the supplier of custom made display fixture products, we do care about the health of people. It is a critical moment to fight against the virus, we are keen to support people around the world to fight the virus. As you know, we are the supplier of custom made display fixtures products. But now, we can source the sanitary & anti-epidemic products for our clients.

What products we can source:

●Disposable Face Mask

●Non-wash Disinfection Gel

●Disposable Gloves

●Disposable Protective Suit

What services we supply:

●Product Sourcing

●Product Inspection


●After sales insurance

Certification & Qualification



●FSC (Free Sales Certificate)

●PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Due to the large supplier network, we can source the fit products for your need. It is not about the business, mostly it is about the support from us. We want to try our best to support anyone around the world who need the sanitary & anti-epidemic products for protect themselves from the virus.

We care about business , but we care about your health as well. When you need the products we can source for you ,just do not hesitate contact us. Our large supplier and logistic network will help us deliver the up to standard products to you in very short time.