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Cooperation with Walmart for Coalgate stands

Cooperation with Walmart for Coalgate stands

Display racks make the business of selling a little easy for the retailers while at the same time allowing the customers to look more closely at the items they are interested in buying on their own.

How are the display stands useful?

Display stands are useful in stores and shopping complexes because

●These are like efficient assistants to the retail sellers that display products before the customers in such a manner that the customers can easily analyze the products (its size, material, structure, brand, etc.) and select the best one that suits their needs.

●This also reduces the efforts required at the end of the retailers who now do not need to manually show each and every item to the purchasers.

●This in turn also benefits the stores economically as the stores now do not require to hire many people in order to meet the demand for manpower.

These display racks are most successful in malls or shopping complexes that provide a variety of items to their customers. At these places, the display racks are organized for supermarket display in order to hold multiple products in such a manner so as to appeal to the customers.

We provide you with the best quality display racks available in different shades and sizes that you will find appealing. We offer professional services and good quality products that promise to prove helpful to you in running your stores smoothly. Our regular consumers from worldwide who trust our display racks include customers like Walmart. They use these display stands to project each big and small product of theirs like using Walmart TV stands, Walmart Nightstands, greeting card display stands, mobile cases display stands, etc.

Coalgate Stands

Our history with Walmart goes way back to the year 2014 when we won the order for display racks for Colgate. We received their request for inquiry for our display racks in 2013, after which it took 15 days to open molds in order to do the samples. After this, the bidding took place as a result of which we won a bulk order for WalMart stands. They used these stands in their stores worldwide and in due time found our racks so reliable that they placed an order with us for more Walmart stands. These new Walmart stands were used to display products of daily necessities like P&G products, Unilever products, etc. Since then our relation with Walmart has flourished. We have been receiving regular orders from the companies for their complete product range since then.

Our consistent endeavor to provide the best utility with our display stands sets us apart from all other providers. Our Coalgate stands have been instrumental in driving better sales for their products. The simple and ingenuine tweak with the product installation can do wonders for any brand.

So if you too own a store and require these reliable display racks in order to ensure a safe and secure display for your products, then contact us and place your order now.