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Viewpoint Of New Employee

  • Author:Loken Deng
  • Source:Detron
  • Release on :2018-07-17

Actually, it is of great important to get and choose the first job for a newbie who fresh out of school. When faced the first job interview, my heart was actually filled with nervous. I was not sure about the upcoming interview questions. I didn't even know if the interviewer is serious or kind. In a word, I have no ideas about the interview. However, the interview went well and I was lucky enough to pass the interview. How fortunately I was, but I know that the openness and inclusiveness of Detron Group gave a valuable chance for newbie like me.

In order to familiar with job and acclimatize myself to new environment. I have received a training for a period of three weeks. The content of this training is rich and colorful, mainly included familiar with the product knowledge, company history, and culture of Detron Group. Through this training, I realized that each enterprise has its own unique culture. Detron Group always adhere to the spiritual concept with “hardwork, innovation, teamwork and struggle”, and in lining with “promote development with innovation, win market with creditability, seek existence by good quality”, aiming at build the Detron brand. That's what drew me to Detron Group.

In the process of training, my work was between office and workshop. On the one hand, I learned theoretical knowledge in the office. On the other hand, I learned technology and familiar with raw material of product in workshop. In face of new things, there were a lot of questions. Whenever I encountered questions that I didn't understand, I would ask the experienced employees for advice. A lot insightful opinions would be provide for me every time. The team spirit of Detron Group is also strong. In order to provide customers with satisfactory products, employees often cooperate with each other and fulfill their responsibilities. Gradually, I grow from a newbie. As far as I’m concerned, Detron Group not only a company, but also a big family. Detron Group the place where dream is start!