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Sounding out specialist finishes

Focus on display stand more than 10 years in China.Customized display stand manufacturer make the display stand for your product,it can display your p...

Vivense London opens first UK flagship store

Heralding Vivense London’s arrival in the UK, the furniture and homeware retailer recently opened its flagship store in Borough High Street, designed...

Harmay Market blurs the line between luxury and commodity

Supermarkets and grocery stores are one of our most common shared experiences as humans. A trip to the market is synonymous with daily life, and for m...

Christian Louboutin brings its distinctive boutique to Yorkdale

With more than 70 boutiques in 29 countries, Christian Louboutin is one of the world’s most recognizable luxury brands. The first Paris shoe salon op...

Alexander McQueen launches accessories pop-up in Le Bon Marche

Fashion house Alexander McQueen has launched a Butterfly inspired accessories pop-up in the world-famous Le Bon Marche department store in Paris. Desi...

VIA Outlets completes over 300 leasing deals in year of lockdownockdown

VIA Outlets – Europe’s fastest growing owner-operator of premium fashion outlet destinations – has completed over 110 new deals since the start of ...


The Book Display Stand
Release on2020-08-12If you love to read, chances are likely good that you have several books that you have collected over the years. It can be fantastic to be able to rea...Read More
The Bakery Display Case
Release on2020-08-08Display cases lend a neat and inviting look to a bakery. They highlight all of the tasty treats that a bakery offers. The visual appeal of the display...Read More
The Acrylic Shoe Display
Release on2020-08-06If you want to modernize your displays stylishly and cost-effectively, then Acrylic displays are the best solution to highlight a vast range of displa...Read More
The Acrylic Jewelry Case
Release on2020-08-01If you have a jewelry business or jewelry store, placing your precious items in acrylic jewelry display cases will keep it safe from dust and potentia...Read More
The Acrylic Display Shelves
Release on2020-07-29The advantages of modern acrylic display shelves can be summed up in two words: light and strong. Acrylic is a great deal and cheaper compare to glass...Read More
The Acrylic Display Box
Release on2020-07-23If you want to get impress and attraction of the clients definitely you would know the importance of the Acrylic display box. The boxes enhance the wa...Read More
Acrylic Display
Release on2020-07-21Acrylic displays in the form of cabinets, cases, and shelves are a popular means to display products. Acrylic is widely used to make display stands fo...Read More
The Acrylic Display Stand
Release on2020-07-18An acrylic display stand is an excellent solution for homes that require decoration and organization. Acrylic Display Stands commonly display an image...Read More
The Acrylic Display Case
Release on2020-07-17Acrylic display cases used for wall mounting can come with shelves in several sizes. The acrylic display cases can hold a wide variety of products suc...Read More
Sanitary & Anti-Epidemic Products
Release on2020-03-142019-nCoV spreads all over the world. Sanitary & anti-epidemic products now as a necessary products for everyone around the world. Though we are the s...Read More
Important Concepts For Building Custom Display
Release on2020-01-03In Store Display is not a common shelving. One of the main function of the in-store display is displaying products and promote company image. The most...Read More
How To Make Your Cosmetic Display More Luxury
Release on2019-12-23Not only to woman, also to man, cosmetic products are the necessary consumer goods. According to the development of the industry, more and more brands...Read More
70th Anniversary of People’s Republic of China
Release on2019-09-30A country of 70 years old is not old. But our country,People’s Republic of China is a mature country and it is the country all people around the worl...Read More
Treat every produce seriously
Release on2019-04-08Almost every product has to go through cut-bend-shape-polish-painting-packing. Sometimes specific goods will have a special processing. There will tak...Read More
Detron Take Off In 2019
Release on2019-02-15How times flies. We are now in Feb 2019. Though we are in Feb , Chinese Lunar New Year just began. We thanks all our colleagues for the hardworking in...Read More
Charity Activities In Detron
Release on2018-11-01Our lives get better and better according to the high speed development of modern society in China. But we have to admit that there is a big gap betwe...Read More
National Day Holiday Of Detron Family In Bali
Release on2018-10-30National Holiday is the longest holiday in China except CNY holiday. In order to thanks the hardworking of the colleagues and promote the friendship w...Read More
Business Training Class
Release on2018-10-26October is not a rush month so it is good time for training.On 20~21 Oct.Our top sales team--8 persons attend a very practical and outstanding busines...Read More
How Detron get the Sedex approved
Release on2018-07-30Sedex is a not for profit, membership organization which is dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in global ...Read More
Words From An Expertise Group
Release on2018-07-17Detron Display Products is a group of people who has passion for Custom POP Display industry.10 years ago, we started from a small enterprise which ju...Read More